• Image of Bewitching Beasts

Festive fall felines and their friends gather to help celebrate a witchy time of the year! Of course, they're happy to do magic for you at any time, they're just happy to practice their craft. Each magnet measures between 2-3 inches. Pick your favorites, buy four to get an one free**, or take home the whole set, either way these adorable beasts will certainly bring a bit of charm into your life!

Meet these Bewitching Beasts:
Bubbling Brew
Umbra is brewing something relaxing for guests - her newest blend of tea: Blue Pumpkin n' Catnip. No one knows why it is glowing blue, which is why I stand by my advice to never trust drinks offered by cats.

Witchy Kitty
While Umbra is away brewing some tea for guests, Lumi is... where is Lumi? What the - who gave that cat a dagger?! Seriously, with her level of mischief, I wouldn't trust her with anything pointy, let alone something that could exaggerate her natural talents.

Owl Seeing
Umbra and Lumi may prefer brewing teas and... sharp things... but their friend owl loves to silently observe. Every now and then she needs a break from hardcore levitation, (er, I mean flying), and some quiet scrying time is the perfect compliment to that.

Mandrake Mutt
Here we have an herbalist pup. She lovingly grows each one of her plants from seed, and takes pride in all of her leafy children. Her ancestors have had a long history with Mandrake, so this particular plant is especially exciting for her to harvest!

Cawing the Dead
Guess I'm not the only one who loves skulls! She has a lot of respect for the flocks which flew before her. To her, this season is a joyous time where she can call out to her loved ones from the past, and if she's lucky, they may whisper back.

*Note: Check back often, at least two more critters are on their way!
**If you choose to mix and match, please contact me with your choices.