• Image of Bewitching Beasts II

Part two to our fall festive critters to help celebrate a witchy time of the year! Of course, they're happy to do magic for you at any time, they're just happy to practice their craft. Each magnet measures between 2-3 inches. The hooved critters are a bit taller than that, as seen in the picture with a ruler. Pick your favorites, or take home the whole set, either way these adorable beasts will certainly bring a bit of charm into your life!

Meet these Bewitching Beasts:
The fire must be applied to the cheese puff for several days in order to release the orange soda and bring the puff to its resurrected perfection. This greatly satisfies the Alchemander, as he is addicted to junk food, and is slightly afraid of metallic alchemy.

~Scrying Snake
She prepares for a long night of gazing into the darkness of her obsidian mirror. As each candle is lit and the incense swirls around, already she can see the spirits forming in the atmosphere. If you ask, maybe she can give you insights about seeing the unseen!

~Sight Through Sand
Geomancy is far more than some marks on the ground, this Oryx magician makes sure that his focus stays on the spirits guiding his hooves. With each mark, details about his question are whispered to him.

~Sir Fluffy
By day Sir Fluffy works as an assistant to a sleight of hand magician, but his real passion is in the oldest grimoires and mythology. It's not clear if he uses this knowledge during his day job. Can you blame him if he doesn't? That's top secret stuff we're talking there! Either way, the other Bewitching Beasts love to get together with him for afternoon tea, where they wear fancy hats and talk about super old books.

~Winter Journey
During the darkest time of year, this reindeer's favorite thing is to put a smile on people's faces. She's quite lighthearted, and if you ask nicely, she may even take you flying for a winter adventure!

Original Witchy Critters: